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Nursery – Willow Class

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School Uniform

For a list of our school uniform please see under the ‘office’ tab. Our uniform supplier is Michael Hope tel: 01225 464648. The office holds a stock of ties and swimming hats.

Staff Team 2018

07 April 2018

Head teacher: Mrs Helen Crolla

Assistant Headteachers: Mr Andy Thorpe and Mrs Lianne Reddy

School Business Manager: Mr Alan Pointer

Administrator: Mrs Rachel Tyroll

Caretaker: Mrs Yasmin Sweeney

SENCO: Mrs Maritza Agudelo

Nursery Willow: Mrs Louisa Fanstone, Mrs Sally Harris and Mrs Sandra King

Reception Elm: Mr Scott Newman, Mrs Angela Huntly and Mrs Theresa Badenhorst

Yr.1 Oak: Mrs Jo Tanner and Mrs Tania Hadfield

Yr.2 Chestnut: Mr Andy Thorpe and Mrs Jennie Batt

Yr3. Maple: Mrs Lianne Reddy and Mrs Joy Skeels

Yr4. Ash: Mrs Julia O’Reilly, Ms Megan Parris and Mrs Catherine Winter

Yr 5 Sycamore: Miss Kelly Willis-Stovold and Mrs Tracey Comber-Lye

Yr 6 Hawthorn: Miss Emma Long and Mrs Louise Davidson

Lunchtime Team: Mrs Day, Mrs King, Mrs Brownhill, Mrs Lovett, Mrs Sawyer, Mrs Tetley.

Cleaner: Mrs Louise Dawson

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